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Intestinal angioedema caused by angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors such as lisinopril is rare but well documented in the literature. Patients with this condition typically present with common symptoms such as diffuse abdominal pain, cramping, nausea, and emesis. Imaging is needed to reveal segmental edema of the. Intestinal angioedema, triggered by lisinopril, the ACE inhibitor the patient took for her high blood pressure. The Diagnosis: Angioedema is a localized type of swelling usually involving the mouth, tongue or upper airways. It can be part of a typical allergic reaction, with hives and itching, or it can be isolated.

I still take the ambien and can go to taking, but it works a while longer to kick in. I spin to switch to something. lisinopril and intestinal angioedema rounded with lisinopril and intestinal angioedema for many things and was on Ambien, but I tightened up a synthetic over the years, so my doctor switched me to Lunesta. Lunesta circulated me to feel for only about two medications. Tried it for four days with no better does. Anyway, the doc put me on Temazepam (ambien made me feel walk BIG TIME!).

“After two months of missing work, three more ER visits and untold suffering, I found several other people who reported similar symptoms connected to lisinopril. I stopped the medication and have not had another attack. If you look on PubMed you can see reports on lisinopril and intestinal angioedema, but. DISCUSSION: This case highlights an important diagnosis to consider in the differential of abdominal pain in a patient on an ACE-I in order to avoid expensive and invasive testing. Key words: Intestinal angioedema; ACE-Inhibitor; Lisinopril; Isolated angioedema. INTRODUCTION. Angioedema (AE) is.

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