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Carbamazepine (Tegretol) is an iminostilbene that has been used as a first-line medication for both generalized and partial complex seizure disorders. The therapeutic reference range of carbamazepine is mg/L. The terminal elimination half-life of 10,epoxide (carbamazepine. Guide for Drug Level Monitoring of Commonly Used Medications. Note: This reference should be used in 1 dose. Carbamazepine. (Tegretol®). Within 30 minutes before dose. DAYS. mg/L. Cyclosporine. (Neoral, Gengraf,. Sandimmune®). Within 30 - 60 minutes before 4th dose.

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In a study done in Patan Hospital, Nepal, Carbamazepine level was tested in patients and it was found that % of them had at therapeutic drug level, % had sub therapeutic drug level and % had toxic level. Study concluded that monitoring of Carbamazepine is helpful when their toxicity and efficacy are. The carbamazepine test is used to measure and monitor the amount of carbamazepine in the blood to determine whether the level of drug is within the therapeutic range. Carbamazepine is primarily used to treat certain seizure disorders (also called epilepsy) but is also prescribed to stabilize the moods of.

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