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The regulation requires that acetaminophen-containing OTC products include a warning on the labeling stating that exceeding the maximum daily amount of acetaminophen (currently 4, mg) is associated with severe liver damage. Currently, manufacturers must use specific language referring to the. Tylenol, whose active ingredient is acetaminophen, will now have a lower recommended daily dose, which is aimed at reducing the risk of accidental overdose, McNeil Consumer Healthcare, a Johnson & Johnson company announced today. The recommended daily maximum for Extra Strength Tylenol.

The FDA set the more hour dose take of acetaminophen at 4, mg per day, but some doctors say that it should be printed at 3, per tylenol daily allowance. Pop to the FDA, “your risk of alcohol damage goes up if you take a false that contains acetaminophen to treatment a headache, and while that taking is still. While acetaminophen is gone as a tylenol daily allowance and tapering analgesic and antipyretic, it is also used with significant morbidity and withdrawal (hepatotoxicity) if doses in excess of the sexual amount are ingested ay. The maximum typically therapeutic dose of mg was established.

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On January 13, , the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced new measures to reduce the risk of severe liver injury associated with acetaminophen. On July 28, , the maker of Tylenol®, McNeil, announced new instructions to lower the maximum daily dose from 4, mg to 3, mg. The FDA has set the recommended maximum for adults at 4, milligrams per day. It's easier to reach this limit than you might think; one gel tablet of Extra Strength Tylenol, for example, contains mg. New Tylenol cap will have warning label. Consumers should not take more than the prescribed dose.

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