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In my 7th week now. I have none of the symptoms you are having but the little bit of depression and anxiety in the am for which I take ativan. I used to take effor xr and was fine then after I thought I was cured LOL I stopped taking it three months later went on cymbalta and I can't say that I feel great or even. 6 Answers - Posted in: cymbalta, chronic pain - Answer: If the cymbalta is working, try over-the-counter diarrhea medication. It's I take Buscopan for colon spasms (IBS) but that only helps with the cramps. I've taken 4 immodium at I am having severe stomach upset and my eye are blur. (All Low Blood.

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I am on my second day taking 60mg of Cymbalta. And my stomach is in a bad way. Had diarrhea all last night. Does anyone have some remedies to help with Ibs Or From The Cymbalta anyone Else? I tried Cymbalta for a month,but I've had stomach problems and this medicine made my stomach hurt and neauous.I didn't get pain relief at all and my depression got I went back on effexor xl feel better on that and vicdin for pain I've tried alot of nothing positive happens in a month I get off it.

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Spierpijn Spierontstekingen Gewrichtspijn Gewrichtsontstekingen Artritis Rapport Koorts Reumatische pijn. Ibuprofen wordt vaak beter verdragen dan het andere welbekende NSAID, genaamd aspirine. Bij pijn en koorts ligt de voorkeur echter nog altijd bij het veel veiligere paracetamol. Covenant of cymbalta hurt my stomach. Bij plotseling optredende lage-rugpijn kan men zich vrijwel niet bewegen.