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Please keep in mind that any mucus can begin to grow bacteria which is what antibiotics treat. Amoxicillin is a category B pregnancy medication (thought to be safe). If you do end up with an infection, you could run a fever which is NOT safe for your growing baby. Take the amoxicillin!! NurseJenny The Dr and pharmacist both agreed that it was safe to take during pregnancy. Unfortunately, my chest I took loads last pregnancy and have already had some this pregnancy, they are not too keen on you having steroids but can't remember the reason but you can still have them. Antibiotics are definitely  Amoxicillin - anyone taken it in pregnancy?

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She said it won't affect the baby and its better to have the antibiotics. Hope that makes you feel better. I was really worried too but it seems to be a common infection during pregnancy and antibiotics are prescribed in most cases. she also told me i can take paracetamol to ease the pain but i've been really. Yes hun, on my last pregnancy I had 8 courses of anti biotics for uti, chest infection etc. Its safe to take during pregnancy, im also a qualified pharmacy technician if that helps put mind at rest. I hope you feel better soon. Take some paracetamol too can help keep temp down x. Report this comment. 0.

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