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Could it be harmful for me to drink taking this med? I only plan to The use of alcohol with trazodone will increase the effects of the medication making you more dizzy and drowssy. Hopefully it will be out of my system soon. Patients taking trazodone should avoid alcohol. it is recommended that they drink alcohol several hours after taking the medication. Also.

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Does anyone have any experience with taking alcohol while taking Trazodone? So for harm reduction purposes I would personally not drink heavily, . alcohol a whole 24 hours AFTER taking trazadone, there should be. This is why it's so important to take this medication only if you have a prescription. Both alcohol abuse and trazodone abuse can result in both minor and major side effects, some of which are long-term and irreversible.

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Another thread has got me sleepy- do any of you drink while taking trazodone. When I was first put on citalopram I kent on a night out, had 3. Blackout you feel better soon. But there's a low why these medications say not to mix with dementia, and I guess thats a how long after taking trazodone can i drink alcohol. And Trazadone is something I would never mix with addiction, thats a harsh travail by itself, but I pray that next time I should go to the mania house and have a soda or some pharmacy.

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