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Ummmmmmm. No comment about what the doctor said. Ranitidine MAY HELP but I'm not convinced. You could try it and see it won't do any harm. I myself would have suggested that you take the older sedating antihistamines such as diphenhydramine, etc. I think they work better for severe. It is important to understand how Zantac actually works to fight allergies. Acting as an antihistamine, this medication helps ease the symptoms and counters typical problems including watery eyes, runny nose, or sneezing. Zantac does not actually provide a cure for allergies but it does help to control common symptoms.

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I take Ranitidine for my allergies, I never heard of somebody having a allergic reaction to it but it must be a rare side effect. . bringing infections in the house, or could this possibly now be the docs mention trying Zyrtec at all I am not usually for meds but if its allergies and its allergy time it may help, ask the Doc. Just got back from my appt. with my alternative doc and he believes that Zantac can help your allergies. These LDA shots that I get which deal with the immune system, well sometimes they use the Zantac right before the shots to jump start the shots because of Zantac's effect on the immune system. Anyway.

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