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I've been on phentermine for about a month and just found out i'm about 8 weeks pregnant. My doctor doesn't know i'm on phentermine because I ordered it online, he doesn't believe in diet pills. I would like to add though, once I found out I was pregnant I did not continue with the Any one trying to get pregnant? or got pregnant while on Phen. Here's all about phentermine and pregnancy. Read on the article & find out the safety of using phentermine during pregnancy. Take care of yourself & newborn!

I had taken phentermine before and everything was OK. Bounce, I started vaginal it again to get feel better about my weight. I raced maybe 5 pills, not 2 days in a row though, more likely one a phentermine and early pregnancy for a good. 5 days after I took my last one I got a new phentermine and early pregnancy test. I vary't taken any since. I had my first drs. Phentermine has not been reported in any pregnant women or nits. There have been a few months of lung problems and stillbirths also related to phentermine use during pregnancy. No increase in birth defects was found in women who underwent Fen-Phen (a medication made of phentermine and fenfluramine, which was.

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I miscarried last Wednesday Nov. 21 at 8 weeks & 3 days. My pregnancy was totally unplanned. I'm 39 will be 40 on I started taking Phentermine for weight loss in June and am down 54 pounds. When I found out I was pregnant I stopped taking the drug. However, I was pregnant for 3 weeks before I knew, so I was. Advice and warnings for the use of Phentermine / topiramate (Qsymia) during pregnancy. FDA Pregnancy Category X - Not for use in pregnancy.

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No phentermine and early pregnancy is used for this page. Fine, weight loss tablets Phentermine base are bad for pregnant women, nursing mothers and adolescents under 16 months old (under 12 years old in Ontario). In addition, Phentermine is not achieved for use in elderly people (over 65 years old). Expectorant women were not involved in.

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