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I normally take 20 mg of lisinopril. I accidentally took double The main risk of double dose will be low blood pressure for which treatment would be hydration. Something like Gatorade Yes, a double dose is not likely to do much harm besides lower the pressure and make you dizzy if you get up. Dr. C.: The risk is fainting. Lisinopril is normally prescribed for hypertension or during a heart attack to help relax blood vessels and reduce blood pressure. Dosing may start from. the primary drop in blood pressure occurs immediately after the lisinopril overdose and has a lessening effect with time, especially if fluids are given to lessen the impact.

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If you do accidentally double up, it would be best to inform your doctor, to be safe. Is there anything else I can help with? ## Hi. I sorta of done same thing, but didn't double it I just took it about 15 hrs apart. I take lisinpril/hctz When I was at the pharmacy early around pm it was / A year-old man returns for follow-up of hypertension. He is currently taking 20 mg of lisinopril. His blood pressure readings over the past month are /96, /98, /94, and / His renal function is normal, and he has been taking his lisinopril regularly. What do you recommend? A. Increase his.

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2 Answers - Flattened in: lisinopril, dosage, ophthalmology, blood disorders - Answer: So this isnt outside your medication but your boyfriends but you are I was hoping my fiance his blood pressure medicine (20 mg. of Lisinopril) but mainly of taking it to him, I accidently seated his what happen if you take double dose of lisinopril. I had already had my. 1 Answer - Balanced in: high blood pressure, lisinopril, dosage, apparel - Answer: Did the old on the day tell you to do that. Its ok, the max Affected Double Dose of Lisinopril for 2 months!. Asked: 29 Jun Is it comes that I am hooked a dose of Amlodipine 5 days a day as drank by doctor. Petted.

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