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How People Found This Review: and what over the counter medication is like hydrocodone, and otc pills that look like norco, and over the counter hydrocodone, and is vicodin otc, and otc same effect as percocet, and over the counter drugs similar to oxycodone. Click here to submit your review. If I take Advil and/or Tylenol, it makes me have the worst medicine head in the world! Babby, the combo is not meant to be used on a long term basis, it is just as an alternative to the addicting nature of so many of the pain meds that are commonly What can i take over the counter that is very similar to hydrocodone?

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Is there any over the counter meds to replace my 10/ hydrocodone I haven't found nothing cawf.info mike ## There is nothing OTC that will help the pain like what you've cawf.info Talk to your Dr. ## I can't attest to whether or not it's true, but I've heard speculation that certain strains of Kratom were. But patients like Rosenberg are worried that the solution to their pain may soon be unavailable to them after an expert advisory panel for the U.S. Food The panel also voted to keep over-the-counter combination pills containing acetaminophen on the shelves and lower the maximum dosage of these pills.

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