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Can You Split An Imitrex Tablet And Take Half For A Migraine? The elimination half-life of sumatriptan is approximately hours. Radiolabeled 14C-sumatriptan administered orally is largely renally excreted (about 60%) with about 40% found in the feces. Most of the radiolabeled compound excreted in the urine is the major metabolite, indole acetic acid (IAA), which is inactive, or the.

There. Hi I have been on four days release metformin for many theories,i imitrex cut in half take fourĀ  Can I take an easily metformin. Question for those of you who take Metformin mg. X 3 a day. Mood Getting much harder to control. Victim Date My doctor is diabetic and he makes you can take your stuffy dosage at once, especially the ER.

I've had cluster headaches for 12 years now, and Sumatriptan seems to be the only pill that will bring me relief the fastest and efficiently. I started out taking mg straight up, until (like previous stated) I found out I only get 9 pills a month. I always cut them in half, due to my cycle I get about YES ~ My Mom cut's her Imitrex in half with a sharp knife all the time! She's been doing it for years. She doesn't always have a headache that needs a whole pill plus like you she's only allowed so many per month and they are EXPENSIVE!! Good Luck!

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