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G'day everyone. I've tried taking L-Tyrosine 3 mg a day and I do find it activating. However I seem to become very sleepy sometimes in the evening. I always get nervous in the evening and that hasn't changed but it seems (?) that Xanax has a greater effect when taken with L-Tyrosine. Am I imaginig this? planning on taking say mg l-tyrosine, mg l-theanine, about mg codeine and 2mg xanax. i am experienced in taking both of these drugs together, but was wondering if the l-tyrosine and theanine would make this combo more dangerous? You may notice a synergistic anti-anxiety Xanax for a Methamphetamine "come down"?

Total 24 h. (sc). Diamorphine. Fentanyl dot. 72hrly.

I am currently prescribed xanax for anxiety attacks following quitting suboxone/opiates. I have read that tyrosine is great for the depression, lethargic,no motivation feeling u currently have. I find myself feeling no drive to do anything and this was before any benzos. I have been searching to see if anyone  - Dopamine stack: Phenibut + PEA + tyrosine +. I have begun use of Xanax for situational purposes only (crowds, speeches, etc.) and it's been pretty effective thus far, given that I wasn't really too sure how it'd work with my chemistry. (L) Tyrosine, an amino acid found in protein powders, was extremely, extremely helpful for my focus abilities, attention, and.

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